Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Peace, love and all that...

What can I say? This evening’s messages from the Pope were excellent and seemed to strike all the right chords. He really tried to reach out to everybody and although it was easy to see that he was tired after a long day…which we shared… his smile was as warm and genuine as ever. How does he manage it? When the rest of us are ready to drop, he somehow manages to keep on going…and does so with a smile. He’s an incredible person. Yes, he must have been apprehensive about how the day would go. That would be normal… but he still smiles and is courteous. It’s a privilege to be associated with him even at a distance. We do the commentaries and wish we had a little longer so that we could think about what he is saying. We read his words and think that we are watching a brave man who is unafraid to speak out at moments when a voice…even a lone voice… needs to be heard speaking of peace and understanding. In a world that is often concerned with the politically correct, he says what is, perhaps, politically incorrect, because he speaks of the Gospel “in season and out of season”.

Congratulations, too, to Lebanon’s Ambassador to Turkey, for saying so much in such a short time. May we all work for justice, peace and reconciliation. May we all see that, above all that earthly governments might plan, is a loving God, who sees all and directs all things according to his own law of love.

God bless,
Sr. Janet