Wednesday, December 20, 2006

For the less than happy Christmas

Not everybody has a happy Christmas. For some people Christmas is, for one reason or another is a time for a few tears, either because of their memories or because of the situations in which they find themselves as the day draws closer. Perhaps someone they love is sick, or it's an anniversary... There are many reasons why the season that should be full of joy is actually tinged with some sadness.

There are no easy answers. It's impossible to completely identify with another person's pain, precisely because each of us is a unique individual. Everybody's circumstances differ: no two people have identical experiences.

For those whose Christmas will not be the happiest time in their lives, I'd like to offer something that I personally find helpful and comforting in the hopes that it you might also see it as valuable.

There are several pictures of Our Lady that I particularly like. Our Lady of Divine Providence is one of them.

When I have someone who is in special need of prayers, I try to imagine that person as the Infant in her arms, speaking to her and receiving her love, attention and care.

There are times when I myself am that baby. If I can't sleep, then I see myself as still in her arms, listening as she sings me a lullaby, telling me that there is no need to worry or be afraid, because she is there and I am in her hands. No matter what has happened or will happen, she is my mother and is there for me, protecting and defending me and everybody whom I love or for whom I have concern.

On the occasions when all is going well, then I am in her arms telling her how good life is and how much I love her... and she listens to all my babbling because, to a mother, even the incoherent sounds of a small baby are beautiful and precious.

If Christmas is not going to be the happiest time in your life, then turn to Mary, your Mum, and ask her for a hug.

God bless,
Sr. Janet