Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sand castles

A large group of people was standing, looking over the wall to the shore. It was low tide and a narrow strip of sand had emerged from underneath the black waters.

In a sheltered corner, five young people had sculpted the sand into a three-piece settee, complete with cushions and detailed upholstery. Not far away, a man working on his own had produced a lovely array of butterflies. All had worked so hard to produce something for others to enjoy.

Four small boys aged about 10, sauntered towards the onlookers. “Hey! Look at this!” exclaimed one of them in an American accent. His friend, with the disdain only found in children, sniffed and, in a broad Northern Irish accent declared, to the amusement of all, “Trust me. I’ve seen better!”

Yet, for all his scepticism, the verse carved into the sand had its own message:
“Dig a hole.
Make a pile.
Make one million people smile.”

True…and how many people had enjoyed what was, basically, adults making sand castles?

We all need to be childlike. Even adults need their playtime!

God bless,
Sr. Janet