Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Message from God

There can be unexpected treats. This morning I wanted to prepare a reflection in advance for the Feast of St. Francis on October 4th. I'd already decided on the programme content, but as St. Francis is such an Italian saint, decided that I would ask someone from the Italian Programme to read the Praises of God that he wrote for Brother Leo. The accent would be perfect.

The recording was done, so I sat down at the computer to listen to the result. My colleague had read so beautifully that I found myself sitting in front of my computer and praying. With a musical background of the theme from 'Brother Sun, Sister Moon', I couldn't resist playing and replaying the same piece several times.

It seems to me that God manages to put unanticipated pleasures on our paths from time to time, just as a little treat to lighten up the day. They are just a little way of saying, 'I love you'.

God bless,
Sr. Janet