Sunday, September 10, 2006

White Night

White Night... La Notte Bianca... the night of the September full moon...and Rome comes alive! Last night, hundreds of thousands of the young and the young at heart crowded in a massive moving phalanx into the centre of Rome, all of them with the intention of seriously enjoying themselves.

In the midst of a wonderfully happy, relaxed atmosphere, with the warmth of a late summer evening, young and not-so-young wandered around free-for-the-night concerts, art galleries and museums.

Frankly, the mood was so contented, it was just lovely wandering around and enjoying other people's pleasure. certainly, there was security: I saw two police cars early in the evening as their occupants began the onerous task of diverting buses and taxis from Piazza Venezia. After that? I don't know that I saw one police oficer, and yet I don't think that there was a single person who felt insecure.

I myself visited one of the several large buildings of 'palazzi', normally not open for public scrutiny. Magnificent! I'd have preferred it had thre not been guided tours as the guide concentrated (at length) on paintings and frescoes, ignoring the incredible architecture and inlaid wooden and marble furniture.

Last year I indulged in the building currently rented by the French Embassy for a peppercorn rent. That particular edifice contains a room in which the frescoed ceiling inspired Michelangelo to paint the roof of the Sistine Chapel! If it inspired Michelangelo, it did more than that for me!

We are surrounded by loveliness. There is so much simple pleasure in sharing happiness. Why don't we share some happiness today?

God bless,
Sr. Janet