Sunday, February 17, 2008

Traffic lights

She was about eight years old, chattering to her mother, telling her that now she was growing bigger and her legs were becoming stronger, she could walk for any distance. There was no need for the child’s mother to worry that they had quite a long distance to cover before they could sit down and rest.

We halted at the same traffic lights, waiting for them to change. This was a good opportunity for a lesson. “The road is clear now, why are we still waiting here?” the little girl asked her mother. “Because the light is red. We can only cross the road when we see the green man.”

But the lesson had not finished.

“Please, always take care when you cross a road. If anything happened to you, my life would be over.”

One child learned a great deal more than her Highway Code as she waited by those traffic lights. She also learned something of her mother’s love.

God bless,
Sr. Janet