Monday, February 18, 2008

Winter into Spring

Spring is just around the corner. In spite of frost and cold, delicate buds somehow manage to pierce the ground and produce flowers. Trees suddenly change from stark skeletons to magnificent bouquets of blossom. Bare ground is bare no more, becoming a carpet of yellow, white, purple, pink or whatever flower decides to paint the black soil or once-russet leaves. Birds change from concentrating on their own survival and instead consider the survival of the species as male and female show off to each other, displaying themselves to their own best advantage.

This morning, high up in an ornamental cherry tree, a blackbird opened his yellow beak and carolled to the dazzling sun and blue sky.

Winter is passing and Spring is approaching. Whatever weather might intervene to disrupt the sunshine and beautiful weather, there is a promise in the air of good things to come. The dark, dismal days are disappearing into history.

However hard life might be, there is always hope, always a suggestion that good times are ahead, even if sometimes only glimpsed through the darkness. Yet stars can only be seen when there is no moon. If there were no winter, there could be no spring. If there were no Lent, there could be no Easter, no Resurrection, no Pentecost.

God bless,
Sr. Janet