Sunday, May 04, 2008

Cans Festival

Standing at a bus stop one day, I was distracted by a painting on a nearby wall. I did not agree with the theme, but I had to admit to myself that the image of an irate husband and his anxious wife looking out of a window whilst the dishevelled lover dangled by his fingertips from the window ledge, was extraordinarily well drawn. Who on earth had spent the time necessary to paint such a scene, in such an inconvenient location and without being caught?

Unknown to me at the time, I had just spotted a piece of work of the famous and never-seen artist, Banksy.

This weekend, graffiti artists from several countries and, yes, Banksy himself, (or herself??) have exercised their skills on the walls of a short tunnel near Waterloo Station. Cans of spray paint have given birth to the name ‘Cans Festival’ (with no apologies to Cannes!)

Graffiti can be unsightly, but it can also be beautiful.

It was amazing to see a lengthening line of people waiting to see the graffiti for themselves. Some of them would never dream of visiting an art gallery, and yet, there they were, standing patiently and happily for their turn to enter the tunnel. There must have been thousands of photographs taken of images that would otherwise perhaps been dismissed in a different context.

Everybody, in the right context, is an artist capable of creating something beautiful for others to enjoy.

Each and every one of us is God’s own work of art.

That is definitely worth celebrating!

God bless,
Sr. Janet