Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended

A few minutes ago, three fighter jets flew by the house in close formation. Hopefully, within a few minutes more, there will be another fly past. Will they be the Red Arrows, I wonder? The iconic RAF display team is wonderful to watch, and, at sunset, if they trail the red, white and blue smoke, they will look wonderful as they dart over the Thames, past the Houses of Parliament and circle Buckingham Palace.

There will also be a gun salute which, in the quieter atmosphere of evening, should be in hearing distance, even if the guns will be fired from the battery stand close to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Hopefully, within the space of a single hour, Princes William and Harry will have helped to raise £1 million for those military who have been injured in Iraq and Afghanistan and who are being treated at the special hospital and rehabilitation unit south of London.

It is a special event, to be sure, but would it not be even more special were it to be declared this evening that war, fighting and bloodshed were to be abolished throughout the world and for ever?

This morning, I had occasion to interview a priest in Myanmar about the terrible tragedy that has devastated the country during the past few days.

Hearing a firsthand account over the telephone was considerably more real than listening to reports on radio or television.

Would it not be wonderful if the world could change and, instead of the power and greed of a few, there could be the generosity and courage of the many leading the way?

Prince of Peace and King of Love, may your kingdom come and not mine.
May your will be done, and not mine.

God bless,
Sr. Janet