Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blame time

Do you ever think that it would be wonderful to have twenty-four hours every day to spend reading all those books that there was never time to read, to listen to the unheard radio programmes, to watch the unseen films and programmes on television? If only work did not get in the way!

There would be so many things I could do with my time if only it were slightly more elastic. How much time would I spend exercising, eating well, appreciating the ‘great outdoors’ and learning to ‘be’ rather than ‘do’?

If each day were 26 hours long rather than 24, how many heroic and wonderful deeds would I perform, lives would I save, aching hearts would I soothe and heights of sanctity would I attain?

Unfortunately, most of life is made up of the mundane. Somehow every day starts with climbing out of bed, washing and dressing and organising the activities of the day. Would it be any more exciting if, instead of wearing clothes front-to-back, I were to wear them back-to-front or put my left shoe on my right foot and vice versa? I suspect life would be rather interesting, but it might also demand an abundance of humility… or a very thick skin!

Would it save time if….?

So often, it is easy to blame time and the lack of it for not being able to achieve this that or the other. Is the fault that of ‘time’, or is it my fault for not organising my activities?

The French priest, Michel Quoist, prayed,
“Yes, Lord. I have time.
I have plenty of time…
all the time that you give me.”

God bless,
Sr. Janet