Thursday, July 17, 2008

More of the Pope

Pope Benedict is not afraid of a gesture that makes a link with the people who encounter him.

I had the opportunity, when he visited Vatican Radio, to see just how much he tries to do what others want of him. Thus, when he visited Vatican Radio, it was less the Pope who organised the visit and more that the photographer from l’Osservatore Romano who insisted on him standing at the designated place, making it possible for the staff to have souvenirs of the occasion.

Then there was the day when, at a General Audience, a branch of the Italian Fire Brigade offered him the helmet of a fire chief.

Now, in Australia, he has been seen wearing a policeman’s cap.

But there are times when he has stood alone and taken the lead at moments that must have been incredibly hard. He insisted, during his visit to Auschwitz, on walking unaccompanied towards the wall where so many people were executed.

In America, he spoke out on our behalf, representing us, as he addressed the issue of child abuse.

Pope Benedict is now in Australia. Already he has addressed the issue of Aboriginal rights, will speak about the environment, will not shirk from the tragedy of child abuse, will call upon young people to look to the future and build a world that they will happily hand over to their children and grandchildren.

May God be with him and guide him.

God bless,
Sr. Janet