Monday, September 15, 2008

Crunching credit

It seems to be one sad story after another. The news this evening began with an announcement of 4,000 jobs finishing in London because of the bankruptcy of a major bank in America.

Of course, there will be the knock-on effect: jobs that are dependent on other people’s work will be affected. One economic crisis will lead to another, and so on around the globe.

But there is a wider angle that does not always hit the news. Four thousand jobs mean a very large number of families that are dependent on a breadwinner. It means a very large number of individuals who, this evening, are probably feeling lost and wondering where to go. Perhaps, because the end of their employment has come like a bolt from the blue, they are feeling stunned this evening, with no idea of what the future holds for themselves or their families. There will be those with mortgages, school fees, bills and other essential expenditure…

We pray for all those who are unexpectedly faced with uncertainty and unemployment. May God be with them at this time, offering the support and strength that they need. May he accompany those families who are suddenly left without a breadwinner and do not know where to turn for help in their sudden need.

God bless,
Sr Janet