Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tragedy in the mail

‘Dear All,
Urgent Prayer needed now. Holy Cross Convent Thane Gate Burnt. Riots in progress. Please send 2 as many prayer warriors. From,

That was all it said. I do not know the writer of the e-mail, nor from what part of India he was writing. I can only imagine the fear in which that brief message was written and that is what makes it so frightening.

I have never been to India, but I have known many Indians and am privileged to count some of the people of that vast Continent amongst my dearest friends.

Several days ago, visiting England on other business, I met an Indian journalist, who spoke passionately about the country she had left only days previously. She was articulate, very well-informed and eager to speak. There was a marked urgency about her words that matched the many equally urgent e-mails I have received during the past couple of weeks from the Jesuits of the Indian programme of Vatican Radio. Theirs is an attempt to get the horror of all that is currently happening in their homeland out to the rest of the world.

Thank God, most of us will never know what it is like to look from the window of one’s home to see a riot in full swing, with a great possibility of serious injury and even death. Places where there has been no history of conflict between Hindu and Christian are suddenly torn apart. Terrible stories are emerging by the hour, and yet they do not reach the rest of the world where politics and the economic crisis are the lead headlines.

Let us pray, pray, pray for the people of India at this time. May there be healing and understanding. May God bless a Continent known for the depth of its spirituality and religious faith.

Prince of Peace, bring peace to your little ones, regardless of their faith.

God bless,
Sr Janet