Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We pray…

They were a young couple, leaving the hospital hand-in-hand. She was about six months pregnant … and she was crying. He spoke quietly to her as she reached for her handkerchief.

Who were they? What had made her cry? Did they have bad news about the baby, or about one of themselves, or about someone else? Had the bottom suddenly fallen out of their world?

So many people find themselves needing to cope with something that has changed their lives beyond all expectations, to come to terms with devastating events. They need hope. They need care. They need love.

Lord, this evening, we pray for the young couple and for all others like them, whose lives are not full of the life and energy we associate with youth.

We pray for all those who are sick, born and unborn, that they might find healing and all the support and strength that they need.

We pray for everyone who has received bad news, that in the darkness, they might find light and courage.

We pray for those who weep, that there might be someone to dry their tears.

We pray for the misunderstood, that they might find understanding.

We pray for the lonely, that they might find companionship and love.

We pray for all those who grieve, that they might be comforted

….and we pray for those who rejoice, that their happiness might increase

….and we pray that each and every one of us, whatever our feelings and experiences, might find God and his love.

God bless,
Sr Janet