Thursday, June 15, 2006


It's fascinating to see the way in which complete ignorance becomes wisdom when watching a crucial football match. From the comfort of the armchair, I had just as many instructions to the England team as anybody else in my Community. It was so easy to talk about players who were or were not making an effort to score goals, and yet, if the truth be told, every player on the field was putting his heart and soul into the game.

It's very easy to be an outsider looking in, making judgements about others when, in fact, I know nothing about what is actually happening in anybody's heart and soul other than my own...and I might not always be too clear about my own motivations.

There is a Native American prayer, "Great Spirit, let me not judge another person until I have walked in his moccasins."

It might be worth applying to my attitudes towards others. It might also make me a much nicer person!

God bless,
Sr. Janet