Sunday, June 11, 2006

Lord, for tomorrow...

Job done! Finished! Now to abandon any thoughts of sewing until the next emergency...such as a button!

It's not that I couldn't be good at needlework. I've an eye for beauty and infinite patience with all sorts of fiddly jobs that require prolonged's just that I have never developed any interest whatsoever in sewing.

I admire people who can sit for hour after hour with pieces of embroidery or making fabulous clothes. Me? I try, as far as possible, to restrict myself to buttons, and to them as rarely as possible. Every so, for instance, I'm forced by circumstances to extend my activities. With a mounting sense of despair, I sat down at the sewing machine, only to discover that it was doing all sorts of things it wasn't supposed to do. What a waste of a Sunday morning!

...except that with perseverance, patience and starting all over again (several times until the sewing machine decided to obey), the job wasn't complicated, didn't take long and now I've a sense of achievement.

Procrastination is always so easy. It is so much less of a hassle to put off until tomorrow all those things that really could be done today if I put my mind to it. Could I be a better person today if I put some effort into those parts of my life that I know need some care and attention? Could I be kinder, more patient, more loving today rather than tomorrow?

Tomorrow never comes. All I have is today!

God bless,
Sr. Janet