Saturday, June 03, 2006

Infectious happiness!

A large group of young people were leaving the bus that stopped in the road outside Vatican Radio this morning. They were bright, happy, enthusiastic and chatting about anything and everything. It was a joy to see them. They will, no doubt, be amongst the anticipated 300,000 in St. Peter's Square this evening, where they will join in the Pentecost Vigil with the Pope.

Looking at the youngsters, who gave so much this morning just by being themselves, I couldn't help looking back to a girl who happened to be travelling on the same bus as I headed homewards yesterday afternoon. She was the same age as the group this morning, but as she laughed and talked with her friends, I couldn't help noticing the bag on her lap, expensive and with an obscene message printed onto it. What a contrast!

In an age when we hear so much about environmental concerns, why don't we hear anything about verbal pollution?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the young people who have come to Rome to meet with the Pope this evening could cause an epidemic of joy? Happiness is infectious!

God bless,
Sr. Janet