Thursday, August 24, 2006

Approaching Autumn

There's a great deal of similarity between mere mortals and the leaves on the trees around Rome at this present time.

The leaves are slowly heading towards Autumn, gradually losing their bright green as colours darken towards the varied brown and gold that will clothe the trees entirely in a few weeks time.

Last night many trees along the Tiber were trimmed and branches, some of them still young and healthy, lopped down into the road to be gathered by the lorry following the path of the tree surgeons.

We all grow older as each day passes. This does not mean that we become increasingly useless, but it does mean that we develop a colour and beauty bestowed by life experience, love and those whose paths have crossed ours.

Some people never reach old age. We don't know why God calls them to himself before we think they should go. God knows.

All life is in the hands of a loving God. All we have to do is to trust him.

God bless,
Sr. Janet