Sunday, August 27, 2006

Counting blessings

"God has gifted me with so much!" Those were my thoughts during yesterday's Mass in St. Paul's basilica as I looked around the little chapel. The monks were chanting the pasalms in their lovely Gregorian chant. The early morning light showed the newly-restored frescoes to their best advantage, and there I was, at the Eucharist, in a basilica that millions of people only see because they have been willing to cross the world, whereas I only need to cross the road.

I never expected that I would, one day. be living in Rome and I have no idea for how long I am likely to remain in the city. I look back to my teens and my near obsession with ancient hiistory, when I pored over every book on ancient history that I could find in the local library. I envied the archaeologists who could spend their days digging up artefacts that counted their age in millenia. Now, as I travel to work, I see the ruins that I had previously only seen in books and on television. I wonder what is behind the newly-erected screens that surround some of the places where attempts are being made to create a new underground railway system which is continuously delayed by collisions with previously unknown and unexcavated archaeology. Before any progress can be made, excavations must be carried out...hence the screens, with their signs telling one and all that this is what is happening. What a gift to be 'in on the act', even if, because of the obstruction to my view, I can't see what is happening!

Every day is filled with gifts and blessings if only I open my eyes and my heart. What a cause for rejoicing if, instead of counting my woes, I count my blessings!

God bless,

Sr. Janet