Monday, August 14, 2006

Back to Rome

Most of today was meant to be spent unpacking after returning to Rome last night. I hate that part of going away. It seems to take so much longer to put things away than it did to put them in the case in the first place. Still, I'd arrived back safely and that's the main thing.

With the increased security at Stansted, I had been worried, but there was absolutely no need. The airport staff couldn't have been more friendly and helpful if they had tried. The only mishap was the removal of a packet of potato crisps and the equivalent of about £3 in small change during the added security check here in Rome!

Today should have been spent unpacking but instead it's proved to be a good opportunity for some housework instead. However pleasurable, busy and exciting life might be, those little mundane details seem to be lurking just around the corner. I suppose there is a degree of satisfaction to be obtained through dusting and polishing. The place looks better after it's been cleaned...but isn't it interesting that it's precisely that bit of housework that makes a house into a home? Perhaps I shouldn't undervalue a bit of tidying up!

God bless,
Sr. Janet