Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One of those days!

I came to work bright and early this morning, hoping to accomplish several tasks in the course of the day. I asked two of my male colleagues to record some passages from Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict for a programme I’m making. I need a man’s voice on this particular occasion…but neither of my colleagues will have time to help me out until later on today, and I’d hoped to have the programme finished by now.

Blocked there, I approached the technicians to ask them if they are able to improve the quality of sound on a telephone interview I did over a poor quality connection. It’s possible… but come back later when someone else is around.

Thwarted in my plans, I headed towards the Music Department to ask for a song I need for a new series I’m planning. The computers throughout Vatican Radio crashed at that moment! Undaunted, I went to another section of the Music Department, only to find that they had never heard of the piece that I want (why? It’s a popular hymn that has spread throughout the English-speaking world in the 35 or more years since it was issued.)

…and so the morning has continued, believe it or not, with every attempt to do something constructive foiled by circumstances totally beyond my control.

Still unable to begin my day’s work although I’ve been in the building for two hours and have really tried to begin something, it occurs to me that everybody has ‘one of those days’. Mine seems to be today. I’m trying to get around the frustrations by reminding myself that God must have a better plan in store for me this morning, although I can’t see what it is.

It’s not always possible to see the path ahead, even if the certainty that I need is only stretching a few hours into the future. For the future to make sense, it is necessary to walk with God in the present, with the assurance that there is no need to worry about what lies ahead because He is there too. It is perfectly possible to rise above the difficulties of the present and, flying above the mundane minutiae that are part and parcel of daily life, to see the world with God's eyes

God bless,
Sr. Janet